Saturday, October 15, 2011

SketchCard No.4 Colored! The Araknid Kid (Josh Alves)

Here he is again, The Araknid Kid! All colored and ready to mail to Josh Alves, the creator of this fantastic comic. If interested in learning more about this character, or perhaps picking up a copy of the books, you can find them here:

To follow Josh Alves on Twitter, you can find him here:!/joshalves

Or, just search for @joshalves on twitter.

Thanks again, Josh, for giving me something fun to draw! I had a great time today. I wish you all the best and lots of luck with your stories and illustrations.

SketchCard No.4 - The Araknid Kid (Josh Alves)

Recently, I held a contest on Twitter for achieving the 400 follower mark. I asked a trivia question regarding past work and waited for the first person to answer correctly. The prize?
The winner was able to tell me what they would like me to draw on a sketchcard (No. 4).

The lucky winner of this fabulous prize was none other than illustrator and creator of The Adventures of The Araknid Kid, Josh Alves. His request was for me to do my take on his character.

I have always loved the drawings of Spider-Man, upside down and hanging on to his webbing with one hand, so I decided to do a similar pose for The Araknid Kid. The image here is obviously black and white. I'm still wrestling with the thought of coloring it for Josh before sending it off to him. Since my job with Fox and with FatCat was all about the colors, I think I've made up my mind to go ahead and color it. Why not??

Congratulations Josh! I hope you enjoy this version and the colored version when you get it. Back down to my drawing room so I can add some colors to your fun character. I'll post the colored version when I have it finished.