Sunday, September 23, 2012

Guardians of the Grimoire - Big Fan Review

I love to read. Plain and simple. If I could take an entire day, sit on a couch or a comfy chair and do nothing but read with a great motion picture soundtrack playing in the background, I would do it time and again. I absolutely love when an author is able to create an amazing world and pull me into it, develop believable characters I am immediately able to connect with and love, and grab my attention while taking me on a fantastic adventure and never let it go.

Several months ago, I began following an author named Natasha Slight on Twitter (@NatashaSlight). I'm always excited when someone I feel is successful in his or her craft follows me back. So, when Natasha did, I followed the "Twitter Rules of Proper Etiquette" by thanking her and wishing her a wonderful weekend. I saw on her bio page that she had a blog ( and available for my reading pleasure was the first book in a trilogy she is currently working on Guardians of the Grimoire.

Shortly after following Natasha and learning more about her, her family and her own amazing travels, I had the pleasure of chatting with her a bit on Twitter. What a kind, friendly and encouraging person! Natasha instantly became one of my favorite Twitter friends and I promised to get my copy of Guardians of the Grimoire and begin reading right away. I followed through on my promise right away, downloading it for my Nook app on my iPad and am so glad I did.

Natasha's story has everything I look for in an adventure. She has created a wonderful world and describes each setting in such a way that easily helps you see, smell, hear and experience everything in your mind's eye. I'm certain Natasha has tapped into all of her own experiences from her travels and places she has lived to help her develop and present her settings so well. She also does a masterful job at engaging her readers with the cultures in which her characters live. There are gods, nobility, sorcerers, villagers, and awesome creatures that all exist in this world created by Natasha. I admire the amount of research, thought and work it must take to create a place so believable and real, yet unique and mysterious at the same time.

The characters in Guardians of the Grimoire are fantastic. Their backgrounds, their relationships, their emotions and their journeys as they grow and learn about themselves and their abilities are all believable, pull on the heart strings and I just couldn't help connecting and caring about each of them. Even the villains! I love to hate them and can't wait to see what they try next. Being able to connect with the characters and become eager to join them on their journeys is what I love most about really good stories. Natasha's story did not let me down.

Right from the start, Guardians of the Grimoire grabbed my attention and held onto it throughout the entire adventure. From beginning to end, I couldn't wait to have some quality reading time to get back into Natasha's story and find out what was in store for Kerani, Cesca and Tiluvia. Now that I'm finished with volume 1, I can't wait for the next book to become available so I can jump back in and continue on this exciting journey.

Natasha Slight set out to write this story for her children. In doing so,what she has accomplished is a wonderful book for all ages. I wholeheartedly enjoyed Guardians of the Grimoire and look forward to the chance to purchase and read volume 2 of this series. I wish Natasha all the best and much success as she works on the next installment in this series. I'm also thankful to have connected with her on Twitter and look forward to keeping in touch. Natasha, you're awesome!

Here are some of the locations online where you can obtain your copy of the Guardians of the Grimoire:

To learn more about Natasha Slight, please visit her homes on the Web:

Thursday, September 6, 2012

SketchCard No.5 Finished! Ready to Mail!

Another sketchcard finished and ready to get in the mail for one of my good friends on Twitter. This one was promised quite a while ago and between work and many many things going on with the family, I just couldn't get around to getting it finished until recently. I really appreciate your patience, Kate!

This card is on Bristol card stock and is drawn and colored using Prismacolor pencils.

I hope you enjoy it when it arrives Kate! Sorry it took so long to get there.

I think it might be time for another contest soon. I'll have to think of something fun again...