Sunday, August 31, 2008

Comic Book Store Mural (1990-91)

Here is my first commission ever! I started collecting comics when I was in college and offered to design and paint a mural for the shop where I bought my books. Some of the images are in progress, some are of the finished work. The whole mural was done on four sheets of plywood, with acrylic paints. All characters and lettering was drawn freehand.

I think I have the original layout on a roll of paper somewhere around my house.

I went back to that store about 10 or so years ago and discovered that it was no longer hanging above the comics. I asked about it and was taken to the back room where the sections were lined up against a back wall and were being used for paintball target practice. Thankfully, they had the decency to use the backs of the panels and the artwork was still “ok”.


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