Saturday, November 19, 2011

Finished with Buzz Lightyear!

Finished and ready to ship to The Monkey! I put the finishing touches on the wallpaper and clouds this morning. This fun drawing was done with colored pencils and marker outlines, all freehand. It's the only way to draw!!

I thought this was going to be a fun surprise for The Monkey, but his Dad has already shown it to him. I hear he likes it a little. Success!!

I have to do a couple quick drawings, one promised sketchcard and a fun witch character for my Mom, so that she can have some t-shirts made for her group of ladies who meet every Wednesday to do miniatures. They are affectionately known as the Wednesday Witches. :)

Then, I have to work on Jesse to go along with Buzz here. Jesse is for The Mouse.

I hope you like Buzz. He was fun to work on and it makes me feel great that The Monkey is excited to have him.

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