Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Wednesday Witches: T-Shirt Design

Wow! Has it really been since November of last year since I posted about doing something creative? Makes me sad. HOWEVER, I did finish up a design I promised my Mom I would draw for her and I actually finished it on Mother's Day. My Mom is going to turn 82 this year!! She amazes me. Ever since I was in grade school, my Mom has been creating museum quality scale miniatures, was part owner of a miniature store where I grew up in Ohio, and is still working on mini's just about every day. I think she must belong to about 6 different clubs nationally and here in Arizona and travels to events, takes classes and teaches classes every now and then as well. She's quite a lady!

On Wednesday's, my Mom invites several of her friends to her house to work on whatever it is they decide to create that day. They come from all over, some even as far as Oregon and Canada (when they are staying in Arizona for the winter)! They all take turns cooking for the day and have a nice time building beautiful scale pieces of art. This has been going on for years and they have come up with a name for their little group - The Wednesday Witches.

Well, around Christmas time this past year, my Mom asked if I would come up with a t-shirt design for her group. She said that they were going to a retreat for a whole week in July and they all wanted some kind of way to represent their group and decided a custom t-shirt would be the thing to do. Of course I said I would design something for them. After a couple of reminders and inquiries on how it was coming along, I finally finished it for them and the order has been placed for the shirts to be made.

Once I did some research on the types of clothing I wanted the witches to be wearing, I had a lot of fun coming up with the look. I hope you enjoy seeing what I came up with for this incredible group of talented ladies that gather together at my Mom's on Wednesday's and create some amazing things.

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